Leena Choi

Catalogue of Partial Things

Design exploration on menstrual hygiene accessibility


Catalogue of Partial Things is where we share a series of ideas developed over the course of several design workshops on the topic of “Maintaining the Menstruating Body.” Over the course of 6 months, we planned design workshops, further designed the ideas generated during the workshop, and prototyped them to high fidelity. We then compiled everything into a booklet and distributed to anyone who are interested.


We also designed and built an educational toy that addresses the menstrual stigma. Our objectives were to explore 1) what introducing children ages 4– 9 to reproductive organs looks like and 2) the types of interactions that emerge from joint media experiences between parents and kids over menstrual health. At the end, we built a working prototype using a combination of laser cutting & electronics, and presented it at CHI 2018.