Leena Choi
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How might we design a platform for a jewelry making supply shop?



Nano is a small jewelry making supply shop. I was a part of this project to design their mobile platform to help improve the experience of shopping items.


2 weeks

My Role



UX Design / Visual Design



The core of the challenge was "to help shop all necessary parts for crafting jewelry", which is surrounded by a number of tasks. For example, it involves discovering recipes, finding necessary items, determining best options and the list can go on and on. These challenges were presented to me by my client with a real user data, which was enough for me to fully understand our target users.


Competitive analysis

My design process began by conducting competitive analysis to understand their strength and weakness. This helped me better understand what our product should focus on.


Design Goal

Based on the competitive analysis, I discovered that none of the competitors aren’t supporting the user journey of findings what they want to make and purchase items accordingly. This was the design opportunity that can make nano competitive in the market. Therefore, I defined the design goal to be:

How might we improve the journey of discovering jewelry customers want to make and shopping necessary items accordingly?



Once I have enough information about the problem and design opportunity, I started sketching design solutions on my iPadI then created low-fi prototypes so that I can get some quick feedback and iterate. It was very useful because I was able to make sure my design answers requirements.



I then created sitemap to organize all of the design solution. This was one of the important steps in the process because 1) it helped me clarify relationships between different pages 2) it provided a structure upon which to begin estimates for development 3) it helped identify where content sits and what needs to be produced.


hifi mockup

Here’s a sneak peek into what the app will look like! I am still working on it, so will be updating this section in the future!