Leena Choi


How might we build equal companionships between social AI chatbot and human?


During my 2 months at Microsoft, I worked within the Rinna team. Rinna is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven social chatbot with the purpose of generating natural conversations with human. My goal was to design experience that can ultimately foster equal companionships between Rinna and human while staying true to her personality and character.

Being comfortable with ambiguity.

Prior to the internship, I didn’t have any experience designing for AI. I didn’t know what creative process looks like if AI is involved. However, it proved to be a learning experience in being comfortable with ambiguity.


2 months of living in Tokyo 🗼

Not only did I work on meaty projects during my internship, but I also got to experience what it’s like to live and work in Tokyo! Getting on a packed train, grabbing tea/coffee/soup from a vending machine, having sushi for lunch (Microsoft Cafeteria had sushi!! 🍣), walking in the crowd of salarymen, and finding literally everything in convenience store.

While I am unable to talk about my work in details, I am happy to talk about my overall experience, so feel free to reach out if you are interested!