Leena Choi

weekend studio

How might we design a platform that connects and helps creators to work on side projects?



There are many benefits to doing side projects. They develop your skills, encourage creativity, and, most of all, they are fun. Weekend Studio is a platform that connects like-minded people to work on side projects that help them horn skills while having fun.



Side projects are important but starting one and committing to it is difficult.



Side projects live at the interaction of “Things you enjoy” and “Things that help you practice a marketable skill.” - Julie Zhuo

Side projects should be something enjoyable because, otherwise, you will struggle to stay motivated. Side projects should also help you practice a marketable skill because the goal of improving your skill will keep you motivated as well.


User Research

In high level, there are 2 user groups, which are creatives who wants to gain experience and clients who are looking to hire those creatives. Therefore, I talked to a few creatives and clients to understand the needs of both user groups. Based on the conversation, I created a journey map to discover design opportunity.